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Decorate your watch with your favourite charms.

The perfect addition to any stack. 

Material: Alloy 

Alloy consists of a base metal, mixed with precious ore in order to make it harder, workable, or an entirely different color. An alloy is any malleable - qualified of being molded or warped into various figures - and adaptable base metal that is adjoined to a precious metal to improve its corrosion resistance and other properties. Alloys alter the overall properties of the precious metal, including its resilience, pilability, firmness and color. Gold is alloyed with other metals to enhance its overall durability. Commonly used gold alloys include 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold, and18K palladium white gold. For instance, 18K yellow gold integrates 75 percent gold with cobalt and/or zinc, copper, and silver.


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