Ella & Lett Jewelry is committed to providing a better future for generations to come. We are doing our part to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

What are we doing to provide a better future for generations to come?

 No bead is wasted at Ella & Lett Jewelry. If there are left over beads, we integrate it into our bead soup and resell it. Our bead soup is a fantastic product for children and adults alike. It has the nostalgic Ella & Lett flair well reducing our impact on the environment. Our bead soup is a mixture of beads new and left over from other projects. Our bead soup is great for making necklaces, bracelets and phone charms.

 We are also slowly switching from plastic packaging to reusable jewelry bags that are great for storing for years to come. Our cardboard is recyclable and we are working on recyclable boxes for shipping. We are always looking for new ways to become a sustainable business.