I am a curvy girl. I haven’t always been a curvy girl, but since my late twenties or so I have. I am learning to love myself with this body. Size does not determine your worth. I am loving seeing this era of change with size exclusivity.

I know what’s it like to go shopping at the mall and have no clothes fit. It so discouraging. I feel like we are slowly seeing a shift in the fashion industry, having more sizes available and I hope this continues to get better, but what about jewelry?

 I don’t see jewelry brands being size exclusive. I know a few brands that only sell a 7-inch bracelet. A size 7-inch bracelet is average. We are not all average. I have friends and family that have super tiny wrists 6-inch to 6.5 inch and size 8-inch wrist. A size 7-inch bracelet does not fit everyone. A size 7-inch bracelet can be tight on me. I usually like to do a 7.5 for comfort and being able to stack. If a bracelet is all one size it’s hard to stack.

I also find I have problems with necklaces. A size 16-inch necklace is super tight on me. If I buy a 16-inch necklace, I normally have to rework the necklace to make it fit. I personally feel comfortable in an 18-inch necklace.  Jewelry is not one size fits all. I know not everyone has the skills to rework a piece to make it fit. I very rarely make a 16-inch necklace, if I do, I usually add an extender to make it 18 inches. I also offer 20 inches. 

It is very important to me to be a size exclusive brand.  I don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t wear my jewelry. I don’t care if you are super small or are a curvy girl. I want Ella & Lett Jewelry to be for everyone. If you don’t see a size, please reach out to me. I can do custom sizing and I don’t want anyone to feel discouragement with my jewelry.


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