Hi! I’m Amanda!

I named Ella & Lett Jewelry after my two nieces. I took their names and made them into short forms StELLA and ScarLETT. Family is everything to me, and I wanted my company name to have a meaning behind it. I started Ella & Lett in February of 2022. However, I didn’t start pursuing it till the fall of 2022. 

The main part of my childhood was in the 90’s. I have such great memories and I wanted to incorporate elements of that into my designs. I have the fondest memories growing up in the 90’s and I want to share that with everyone. 

I grew up as a competitive figure skater. I started skating at four years old, by seven years old I was synchronized skating. I represented team Canada twice for synchronized skating. From high school I went to Humber College, and graduated from Humber College with a diploma in Fashion Arts; I have always had a love for Fashion since I was a child.

 After college I was still young, and decided to go to university. I studied at Wilfrid Laurier University and graduated with a degree in communications. I ultimately decided to pursue a career in Real Estate. I was a Real Estate agent for over ten years. 

I have always made jewelry as a hobby and while  I was making jewelry everyone kept telling me to sell it. I did sell the odd piece to family, friends and coworkers. However, real estate was my passion at the time. 

I decided near the end of the pandemic I needed a life change. I wasn’t using my creativity or pursuing my love of fashion. I wanted to create a company of my own. My life has had lots of ups and downs. There are no straight paths in life. Life is short and you need to follow your passions. I decided to follow my passions and Ella & Lett Jewelry was born. 



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